I was looking at the fighter rankings today and...................

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5/16/08 7:24:11AM
I noticed that the top 10 fan favirotes almost seemed more like the p4p list.Now i'm not saying that current champions aren't fan favorites,but I was kind of sad to see only current fighters on the list,as opposed to some of the legends of the sport.Has anyone else noticed this,or am I just crying for nothing?
5/16/08 1:08:50PM
I noticed that too I have alot of current champs and a couple "legends" like don frye and whatnot
5/16/08 2:53:42PM
my top 10 favs are
1. AA
2. Shogun
3. GSP
4. BJ
5. Mirko
6. Chuck
7. Big Nog
8. Rich
9. Wandy
10. Barnett

ive always been a fan of AA, Shogun, GSP, BJ, & Mirko & Chuck no matter what.
Big Nog has always been fun to watch but i added him after UFC 82, Rich is a class act all the way, Wandy needs no explanation & Barnett was one of 1st fighters i ever saw fight.

def not p4p bc i dont have fedor, anderson or rampage or machida
5/16/08 5:03:54PM
my favprites are no where near the p4p list
1.chris leben dont no why just do
6 shogun
if you didnt notice im biase to team quest
5/16/08 5:10:26PM
1. Royce

2. GSP

3. Chuck

4. Bas

5. AA

6. Mayhem

7. Rampage

8. BJ

9. Mike Whitehead

10. Wand

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