Looking for a fight camp (pref Sherdog OT)

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1/2/08 2:50:13PM
since the other OT team is gone, i wanted to know if there is another one out there somewhere.
1/3/08 4:29:04PM
Why did sherdog ot get dismantled?
1/3/08 4:45:37PM
well the team itself did, yes.

i just want a team with familiar names. what team are you on?
1/3/08 4:46:24PM
oh the war room.

i dont go much in there.
1/3/08 4:49:37PM

Posted by Iwannafightu2

oh the war room.

i dont go much in there.

I think he's asking why they dismantled...not if they're dismantled.

Or maybe I'll just shut up and stop eavesdropping...

1/3/08 5:31:58PM
Yeah, why did your team get dismantled?
1/3/08 5:54:33PM
i think it is because so many members on the OT team are now banned, myself included, that its not even an OT team anymore.

most of the people are members of other teams now like TL/FWI and the W/W one. the W/W one is just really TCM.
1/4/08 8:10:54AM
Why not join W/W or FWI?
1/5/08 7:48:01PM
You should come on over to TCM.
1/5/08 9:40:21PM
can i get an invite?
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