Looking for a top 3 fight camp

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4/13/13 8:34:37PM
Founder of MW powerhouse World Top Team, I gave the team up so I could focus on college. Now looking back to get into it. 66% fight picks with solid knowledge of MMA.

Top 3 camps in any division preferably
4/13/13 10:27:50PM
Id like to join a top camp. I got solid predicts and want to help earn another trophy. I rank for a mma forum so this just goes hand and hand.
4/14/13 12:19:14AM
Lol can you make your own and thread and not sponge off mine?
4/14/13 6:26:21PM
I've gotten some great offers, will be making my decision when the 48 hour lockout time is over.

Thanks a lot guys <3
4/15/13 7:03:15PM
Proud member of Dark Horse!

Stoked to be able to come back and get on such a great and well organized team.
4/15/13 7:57:50PM
4/15/13 9:02:39PM
4/16/13 4:14:58AM
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