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7/4/07 12:57:00PM
Im looking for a solid camp to join. Any takers??
7/4/07 1:35:21PM
Come on over to LAG man. We are gettin ready for the upcoming PPV and bouncing pick ideas off of one another.
7/4/07 1:42:34PM
you got it bro. i just sent an invite.. WAR LAG!!!
7/4/07 5:18:03PM
Just got the mail and the invite is open man. Welcome to the LAG
7/4/07 5:57:18PM
heck no man dont go over to lag. come over and fight with the top ultimate fighting team! its the best. BY FAR!
7/5/07 4:12:17AM
I'm not going to argue with these bozo's, if you to be part of a solid camp where fans become brothers, accept my invite. You won't regret it...we got alot going on, come and see for yourself.
7/5/07 11:43:20AM
im also looking for a camp
7/5/07 9:34:14PM
Who ever wants to come over to LAG, you are more than welcome to. We interact alot, disucss alot amongst ourselves pics and strategy wise, but most of all, we respect each others ideas.
7/7/07 8:07:28AM
Arlovski come check us out I think you'll like all the guys we have and you won't get booted for a bed record.....
7/7/07 9:11:24AM
Serra jitsu is an excellent camp to join
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