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8/9/09 2:37:36AM
UFC 101 was my first event with MMAplayground; I didn't do too shabby...459/5616...if any solid camp has faith in me, I'm down to join...I figure most top camps are gonna want to see how I do in the next few events, which is fair enough.

This is a solid mma community, nice to meet you all
8/10/09 1:12:03PM
Welcome to the Playground, man.
8/10/09 1:22:01PM
Rage in the Cage is looking for a few new members. We are a pretty small fight group right now but are trying to get bigger. As long as your active, make all your picks, maybe post in the camp's message board once and awhile. We would love you to join. PM submisshaun if your interested in joining.
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