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7/23/08 7:20:55PM
I started a fight camp, but nobody ever posts in it. No one helps each other, and they just make their picks. There's no communication at all. It seems like nobody wants to help each other out, and i'm up for a camp that is willing to help each other out. I'm willing to take any help or advice. I've been into MMA for three years. I started with UFC but now I watch anything and everything to do with MMA. I would like to go to a camp that's been here for a while. Thank You.
7/23/08 7:25:01PM
your more then welcome to join Team TapOut we are in the lw division and need 1 more member and we talk about our picks and wagers
7/25/08 11:43:31PM
You can request an invite from F-Man if you like, our fight camp page is not the busiest since we have our own site but we do stay active. There are quite a few strong pickers and bettors. We may never be #1 since we don't cut people over record, as long as they stay active, make all their picks and really try, and we can still stay near the top (#5 in the Heavys)

I have a feeling this season we're going to have a strong finish regardless if we pick up any new good people.

Good luck where ever you end up....
7/26/08 6:43:54PM
Thanks and same to you Bro
7/27/08 6:20:56AM
Thanks all but I joind Team Sure Shot
7/27/08 1:46:27PM
Cool, I saw Team Sure Shot under your name when I posted but I thought that was the team you were thinking of leaving.

Good luck to you and Team Sure Shot.
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