Looking to build for the new season.

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12/13/09 4:35:22AM
Season 6 is now finished and The East Coast Pitbulls are looking for new members to help take this active camp forward.

Here is what The East Coast Pitbulls offer to its new members:

We have an active forum were every UFC fight is discussed with regards to picks. We also run 6 different side games which help keep the camp active, as well as Camp awards rewarding performances for main game and the secondary league.

What we expect in return is:

That all picks for the main game are made. Even though are forum is active there is no pressue for new members to post but if players miss picks then I will remove them from the camp.

If you like what you read either post below or PM me.

12/13/09 8:39:24AM
i would like to join. im looking for a camp with active forums where i can discuss fights. i think i bring decent knowledge to the table.
12/13/09 12:55:58PM
Hi hate4thestate, thanks for the interest, I have sent you a PM.
12/13/09 5:11:45PM
I am interested in joining. I am in a camp right now but the camp isnt active at all. I like talking about the upcoming fights.
12/13/09 6:07:49PM
Hi CaranoGirl, thanks for the interest, I have sent you a PM.
12/15/09 12:35:18PM
Thanks to tylerlee123 for joining my camp. I am still looking for more new members.
12/15/09 5:30:13PM
Big thanks to Moob who has also joined.
12/15/09 8:11:51PM
Are third new camp member, thanks BigBadAl, welcome aboard.
12/16/09 2:22:35PM
And now are 4th new camp member, TrollKing
12/16/09 7:06:28PM
And now are fifth. A big welcome to Steed.
12/18/09 11:54:37AM
I think Ive now completed my raid of the Bravo Camp Forum. A big welcome to Lucas.
12/20/09 7:12:39AM
No u aint!!!!!!!!!
12/20/09 7:27:24AM
LOL. Welcome aboard mate.
12/21/09 4:48:16PM
Another former Bravo camp member. Welcome Mattchoo.
12/22/09 2:15:58AM
Welcome aboard Hendo67.
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