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5/21/07 11:28:32AM
I've got 650 left to bet on Starnes. I'll take about 2.5:1. Looking for one or two BIG bets instead of lots of small ones.

Any takers?
5/21/07 8:05:34PM
ill give you 1.3 to 1 show your canadian pride and send the wagers. leben by rib crackage/verbal submission
5/24/07 9:28:28AM
I've got 700 left to wager...i'll put it all on Starnes if I can...but I'm looking for at least 1.5:1...big bets or small. Please don't offer 1:1....Big bets wanted!

I've got Liddel as well, so I'll take a few small bets on him if available.
5/24/07 9:01:31PM
Wager sent.
5/25/07 11:41:43PM
got 400 left to put on Khalib....what happened to all the Leben fans?
5/26/07 7:22:17AM
i got 300 ill put on leben..

Wager sent.
5/26/07 10:39:35AM
Still got 350 left for Starnes....
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