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3/6/07 4:54:31PM
my remaining $15 against your $100-125.

Best wager wins!
3/6/07 5:13:30PM
doYou realy think 15 bucks is worth for anybodu to freez their big bucks ?:))
3/6/07 5:14:51PM
i only got 25 left but i'll put that up to your 5
3/6/07 6:21:26PM
Hey, I saw people getting 10:1 earlier...why not me?

I'll take your 25-5 bet, Nelly.
3/6/07 6:23:38PM
cool it's on the way if you want more closer to the match for the same odds i'm am down it will let you lplay with your cash on 69 also befor putting more on this fight..
3/7/07 12:37:31PM
I'm not putting any more than this...it's a losing bet. Just had some extra change laying around in the account!
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