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7/24/08 10:25:25AM
make me a new av. i was think the gray maynard vs. rob emerson No contest. is there a way to do video of the whole thing? let me know.

7/24/08 10:52:09AM
You don't get much av space with a free account, so you definitely wouldn't be able to get the whole thing on there. Some people might be able to help you out with something though
7/24/08 11:02:07AM
The whole slam .gif is 2 megs in size. You only get 0.24 meg if you are a premium member.

7/24/08 11:05:46AM
i dont have it as my av. but at the bottom it has it. how can i put it as my av?

It has to be resized to meet the pixel and overall size requirements.
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