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10/24/07 11:01:17PM
so I'm 16 and I'm really intrested in training mma but not sure what to get into, our school wrestling team can only have so many people and its already filled. so what should i do? train in what , eat what , thanks for the help
10/25/07 10:57:07PM
Look around for local martial arts gyms. Where do you live? Alot of places offer free trials, so you can try them out and see what you like.
10/25/07 11:45:34PM
i live near omaha nebraska
10/25/07 11:51:36PM
Is there a local YMCA? That is often the cheapest place to get started in the martial arts and it's one of the most consistent places to find Judo which is a very good foundation style to study.

You could also see if there is a PAL (Police Athletic League) or other amateur boxing program around.
10/27/07 12:34:34AM
http://mickdoyle.com/ <--- looks like houston alexander is there
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