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6/23/07 5:47:21AM
Yes thats right, I'm a free agent now. Send some invites if you want. I'll take best offer.
6/23/07 7:22:38AM
Hey I sent you an invite we have 16 members now so come join...
6/23/07 3:13:55PM
Join The Pit. We're pretty new, but we're already up to 17 guys, and we have 2 more invites sent out. Your welcome to join if you want, just send me a PM and I'll get my camp leader to invite you.
6/24/07 10:05:24PM
Join Team UFC... all UFC fans are welcome here... wanna join?
7/18/07 10:13:21PM
Rampage fan? Come to Team Jackson! Just don't pick Dan over Rampage... lol
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