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7/18/07 12:30:24AM
so i was having sergei kharitonov withdrawals, and i started to browse dailymotion and i found this:


it's a nice video, and theres a #2 also, so check that out.

man kharitonov used to be good! and i mean really good! now he fell off a little bit with a poor showing against michael russow.

hopefully he signs with UFC and we get to see ARLOVSKI VS KHARITONOV.
that is possibly my most dreamed match ever.
7/18/07 12:33:20AM
7/18/07 12:37:22AM
Nice fid, did you put it in the Vids section?
7/18/07 2:15:34AM
holy whoops! forgot that nobody here is russian speaking, and the subtitles are in japanese.. haha

well for the first half of the video, kharitonov talks about his training regime, his affiliation with the army, and his goals for the HW GP
7/18/07 6:40:37AM
Kharitonov was the boy, I know he hasnt been himself lately, but if prime Sergei (2004/05) went up against prime Arlovski (2005) I think Sergei would smash him. They could actually fight now, Sergei would probably still win, even though they are both perhaps past their prime, but given their ages I think both of them could get their skills back.

War Sergei!
7/18/07 6:57:38PM