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4/25/07 5:05:35PM
sorry, couldn't help it.

4/25/07 5:13:20PM
nice pic!

With Gonzaga, not your woman.

Not saying shes not attractive, just that I respect---

Its just that I know how it is to get---

Ummmmm, What I mean is, she's nice...

Wait, I mean her personality... oh hell. I give up. Nice work! lol
4/25/07 7:39:33PM

Posted by dunster

i say most of the stuff in that list, its a northern/manc thing i reckon. also, knock up can mean a few things, like i shout to my mam "knock us up a butty". dunno if you know what a barm is, but its like a bread roll, but better, we stick pies and pasties on um aswell, call it a wigan kebab, you should try that. and if you ever come up north, you can put gravy on your chips, for some reason southerners dont think thats right but oh well

Aye, "knock up" has more than one meaning. I'd forgotten about that one. I don't do gravy on chips, but only cos I don't like gravy. Mushy peas, on the other hand, are perfect.
4/25/07 7:50:50PM

Posted by Trapt1nw0nder

thanks...this is my new favorite picture...

4/27/07 6:14:48AM
For liverpool slang you need to know;

La: as in all right La (refering to a person)

Scram: Food

Barney: fight

Kirbey Kiss: head butt
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