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6/24/09 3:27:44AM
The teenager, who is 18 in October, is just two feet tall and is set to take the official crown from 2ft 5in He Ping Ping of China.

Born in the remote Baglung District 125 miles from the capital Kathmandu, he weighs only 10lbs, Khagendra has become a celebrity of sorts in his native Napal, where politicians are calling for him to be recognised officially as the smallest in the world.

"He was born weighing only 600 grams (1lb 5oz)," said his mother Dhana Maya Thapa Magar.

Khagendra said: "Once I am named as the world's smallest man then I can fulfil my dream of visiting the United States of America.

"I can show off my dancing moves and I can show people how good I am at karate."

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