A Look At Liddell vs. Jackson 2

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4/4/07 1:33:30PM

pretty good article talking about the upcoming lidell/jackson fight
4/4/07 4:26:49PM
Looking forward to Liddell avenging his loss to Rampage.
7/10/07 9:14:32PM
I am looking forward to the fight...
7/11/07 7:36:41AM

Posted by casey64

I am looking forward to the fight...

You're a little late...
7/11/07 1:55:47PM
dude wat the heck the fight was a month and a half ago........casey64 ur way late
7/11/07 11:46:35PM
lol i dont know if liddell is going fight him ne time soon..now if they both lose there next fight i can see that but jackson is 2-0 with chunk if it was 1-1 ok but its not
7/12/07 12:40:26AM
these guys are late cuz the article is old,but i dont see them meeting again unless somehow rampage loses his belt and chuck goes through wandi and shogun to get it back,then rampage would have to finally beat wandi,its very unllikely.
7/12/07 12:49:40AM
Liddell vs. Jackson 2 already happened. The fight in May at UFC 71 was number 2. Not only is this article old, it is irrelavent because the fight is over.

By the way, Jackson won
7/17/07 9:31:18AM
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