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2/5/08 12:57:37AM
Hi guys,
OK, Can anyone shed light on the date for the Forrest V Jackson fight, I am taking out a huge loan and im planning on going to that fight, I cant find a date as it probally doesnt exist, I asked the UFC and they kinda said it would be in Vegas but nothing was confirmed.
This will just about be the best thing I have done in my life so I am pumped about it. Just hard to plan time off work and stuff without a date!
I have figured it would most likely be the August PPV, I just need to know early to get tickets and airfares/accommodation.
I am hoping that somehere will be able to help, Send a PM if you can help.

2/5/08 3:28:34AM
the specific date and venue havn't been announced yet, as TUF has not even aired on tv yet. after TUF 7 is over, which im guessing sometime in august, then the coaches (forrest vs rampage) will fight. so hold your horses for a while
2/5/08 6:20:44AM
As the previous post states, the date and venue have not been announced yet. I would assume this is a fight that will take place in Las Vegas, as most big hyped up matches are...unless there's a reason to go elsewhere (i.e. GSP vs Serra). The TUF 7 finale is scheduled for June 21st, so I'm putting my money on it happening in July actually.
2/5/08 8:20:37AM
UFC announced recently that the fight will not headline the TUF 7 Finale, so it'll be sometime late this summer or early this fall at the earliest.
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