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1/8/08 2:43:09PM
this is why when people say nobody can beat them i lol

this video is great

1/8/08 2:50:41PM
Embarassing. That guys like 85 and he wasn't even hitting all those people lol.
1/8/08 2:52:17PM
Haha he doesn't realize that it's a little tougher to win when the opponents are 15 year old kids falling on the ground after they run within 2 feet of him.
1/8/08 2:56:33PM
someone posted this on here before, the thing is, the guys students revere him and goi along with the whole thing, but i dont think they are outwardly lying, its kind of like people that go to an evangelist to be healed, mind over matter. theres a guy in chicago that teaches the "death touch" and when a news crew went there it did nothing. he then went to a BJJ school and no one there was affected either, including a young stephan bonnar. that makes for good movies but in reality is worth as much as some magic beans.
1/8/08 3:01:25PM

the " FORCE " have left him !!!

1/8/08 5:12:09PM
Didn't that guy get internal bleeding or something?
1/8/08 5:20:36PM
the only thing i have to say is ... WOW...
1/8/08 7:57:38PM
man what a fool to really think is fake fighting was real
1/8/08 9:31:23PM
wat a bad way 2 spend $5000
1/9/08 2:01:28AM
I think there MIGHT be UFOs, probably even "GOD", definately no Lock Ness monster, or Bigfoots for that manner. The idea of some "Secret" martial art out there that makes you a "Ninja" or some such unbeatable being is total BS! The more I hear about them the more they make me despair for the human race having lost their touch with reality.
1/9/08 4:22:36AM
Sometimes people need good reality check in the form of a butt whooping.
1/9/08 7:05:01AM
The MMA guy wasnt even trying after he realised how much his first punch hurt the old man. Poor old fella now realizes he has spent 50 years learning a fighting technique that dont work
1/9/08 7:23:16AM
looks like it's 200-1 for the kiai master now lol
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