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5/19/08 9:20:41PM
After reading the Sherdog article about Egan Inoue's return after 3 years of inactivity from MMA, I was wondering who had the longest layoff between fights. I was looking around the fight finder and stumbled across He-Man Gipson (great first name btw) and he made his MMA debut in the UFC at UFC 6 on August 1995. Last month (April 12th) he returned to defeat his opponent in 56 seconds at Gladiator Challenge 77.

Thats almost 13 years of inactivity, does anyone know of a longer layoff between fights?
5/19/08 9:37:04PM
Bas Rutten had a layoff from 99' till 06'

Oleg Taktarov had a layoff from 98' till 07'

Funaki from 00' till 07'

Marco ruas from 01' till 07'

maurice smith from 00' till 0'7

Trying to remember a couple more, i know Miletch had like a 4 year layoff, but right now i cant think of anymore guys.
5/19/08 9:44:08PM
Rickson had a 10 Year layoff after Fighting Zulu in 84
5/19/08 9:50:11PM
Terrell is going to win the layoff contest when he comes back in 2015
6/21/08 11:42:42AM
He-man Gipson- VS that dude that Dan severn destroyed VIa Suplex in UFC 1000 B- lol

Ahhhhh yes. Good times.
6/21/08 11:46:23AM

Posted by EON

Terrell is going to win the layoff contest when he comes back in 2015

Didnt you hear that fight was cancelled due to injury- they got Jeremy horn to step in instead.... LOL
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