Loiseau is reportedly being added to UFC 113

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4/23/10 7:35:15PM
Canadian middleweight David "The Crow" Loiseau is reportedly being added to UFC 113, scheduled for Saturday May 8 at the Bell Centre in Montreal. Sources have told Sportsnet that Loiseau (18-9) will return to the octagon as part of the preliminary card and is tentatively scheduled to face Birmingham, Alabama's John Salter (4-1).
4/23/10 8:15:36PM
let's see how many more changes we can have on this card before the actual day of the card
4/23/10 10:45:05PM
Good to see Loiseau getting another chance. Hopefully he can get the W and stick around for a little longer.
4/23/10 10:50:53PM
The crow flies again!!!!
Good to see ufc get ex ufc fighters as replacements and
Canadiens for the card
I hope david wins
4/24/10 12:57:13AM
AS much as I like David, I am not as excited about this as I was in the past. I gave him the benefit of the doubt so long, but his last performance in the UFC was the breaking point for me.

Hopefully he'll do well, but I am not jumping up and down for his return just yet.
4/24/10 1:38:14AM
I heard that salter is a wrestler but idk for sure. If he is then I might end up picking him to win because of Loiseau's lack of TD defense.
4/24/10 8:02:26AM
Alabama is the only state that doesn't offer wrestling.

With that said, I have zero faith in The Crow,

4/24/10 9:10:39AM
The Crow? how about the turtle?

just kidding. Unless he got better, I see him losing in the UFC, he does have heart imo.
4/24/10 12:23:03PM
Salter is a decent wrestler, an NAIA champion.

Still incredibly raw, and would have been better suited for this season's TUF (although he did step up on short notice against Harris if I remember correctly).

I just barely favor Loiseau (pick wise) due to Salter's inexperience, but does have some decent takedowns and decent top control/jiu jitsu. Salter would have to make this into a 15 minute grind if he is to beat Loiseau (which I certainly think is possible - although is a tad bit raw at this point).

Im more interested in the Vegas betting lines for this fight, Salter anything over +200 should definitely be worth some play.
4/24/10 2:17:58PM
David is very inconsistent and with a 2 week camp
Salter could win. I like david but I am not sold on him at all
Fight day pick for me. Might be hot bout
4/24/10 7:05:13PM
The Crow has the skills, just not very consistant in his game plan. I also wonder if he is going to donate his purse to Hati relief still or not?
4/24/10 7:14:34PM

When I first started watching UFC it was one or two fights before his title shot against Franklin.

Crow was my favorite fighter.

Then his fighting style COMPLETELY changed. He has exhausted all his chances with me.

4/25/10 4:16:36PM
NAIA Champ?

He wins.
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