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4/20/13 1:10:51PM
Junkie is reporting the event starts at 4 EST, I think the timer for the event is off by about 20 minutes. Could be wrong.
4/20/13 1:35:46PM
The lockout time is 3:10 ET.
4/20/13 1:53:07PM
Yeah, looks like it may need to be dialed back a bit.

Working on getting it updated.
4/20/13 3:47:30PM
[edit] I read the lock time wrong.. my bad.
4/20/13 3:58:13PM
It didn't lock at 3:10...it locked at 3:45.
4/20/13 4:04:03PM

Posted by grappler0000

It didn't lock at 3:10...it locked at 3:45.


It was originally set to lock out at 4:20. Lockout times are set months in advance and event start times aren't announced until much closer (sometimes the week of) to the event.

It was switched from 4:20 to 3:45.
4/20/13 4:06:31PM
I always wait till the last minute... I assumed 4pm, whoops.

I'll make sure to double check the lock time next time.... Thanks guys.
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