Lock Date/Time for Combo card (FX 6 / TUF 16)

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12/11/12 11:13:36PM
It seems like the lock is Thursday at 1 PM EST? Is that right?

Would it be possible to make it Friday at 6 pm? Since the first fight is at 6pm EST on Fuel.

It would be great if we were able to see both weigh-ins. TUF 16 weighs are at 5pm on Friday.

What do you guys think? Thanks.
12/11/12 11:18:30PM
I agree. I'd like to see the weigh ins before I make my final picks.
12/11/12 11:25:30PM
Noted. E-mail sent.
12/12/12 9:31:06AM
Lockout time is now 5:45 ET on Friday.
12/12/12 11:34:55AM
Great news... thanks so much.