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2/1/07 11:29:29PM
Whats up guys...just curious to see what live events you guys have been to. Let me say that there is nothing like seeing it much energy its awesome! The events that I have been to are UFC 59, 60, 61, 63 and WFA: King of the streets. I plan on going to many more! Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

2/2/07 1:28:26AM
1 Pride, 1 Shooto, 1 Rotterdam Rumble and 1 Bushido Europe.

Recommend it for every fan to see the sport live as the atmosphere is so friggin' charged.
2/2/07 7:35:52AM
Only one but there will be alot more, it was Pride: The Real Deal and it was amazing. I live very far away from Pride and UFC events so i cant go very ofen but i plan to visit Japan or USA again for some other good Pride card !
2/2/07 10:44:22AM
Im going to see IFL in May, i cant wait.
2/2/07 11:07:57AM
I've been to well over 20, although lots of them were local events
2/2/07 11:28:00AM
The second a big show comes to Canada, I'll be there with bells on. I don't care where it is.
2/2/07 11:30:50AM
ive only been to a couple of events in Atlantic City. Ill be going again when the IFl comes to AC in the summer
2/2/07 6:27:39PM
I've been two 2 Sportfights here in Portland (Matt Lindland/Randy Couture's promotion in the area) and one IFL here in Portland as well. I was trying to make it down to Sacramento for the UFC card there but it didn't work out.
2/2/07 8:56:54PM
None, so far. I live in Columbus, so I would really like to attend the UFC event here in March. But, damn, it ain't cheap. Good seats for 2 will cost at least 500 bucks. Would love to go, but 39.95 PPV is hard to argue with.

To all of you that have been to live events, is it really worth it? I'm sure the atmosphere is amazing, but is it amazing enough for $200+ for good seats?
2/2/07 10:02:47PM
I probably will make the IFL event at the forum in Los Angeles...the tickets are alot cheaper than UFC!
2/3/07 4:32:14PM
Only been to Pride 32 in vegas. Going to Pride 33 as well tho. Have had scheduling problems that kept me from the last KoTC that came to Reno, but I'll catch them eventually.

Wont make the flight to Vegas for a UFC event, but if they (or Pride) comes to Sacramento I will make the drive.
2/4/07 12:33:22AM
lot of local hammerhouse events and a gracie vs hammerhouse event. Looking forward to first UFC live event in March when they come to Columbus.
2/4/07 6:14:10AM
I havn't had the chance to see a big production. But I have been to several FCFF and Sportfight shows in the portland area, and Here in SLC I occasionally get to the Ultimate Combat Experience. It's a pretty good little league and they put their stuff on tv.
2/4/07 7:58:08PM
only 1 ufc 65.
2/4/07 8:50:24PM
I've only seen one and it was a local event (plus 2 grapplers quests, much different but really good).

I have a question for those who have seen cage events live (my experience was a ring event). Would you even want to be anywhere below the first loge section (the incline before the balcony)? I would think that the cage would restrict vision for the floor seats too much. I'm thinking of trying to fly to a ufc in the next year, since they haven't come back to New England in 2 years, and would like to know if I should even worry about wether I can afford more expensive seats or if cheaper seats are just as good if they're not too cheap. Thanx.
2/9/07 12:56:00AM
UFC 67 was my first event. Hopefully many more to come.
2/10/07 1:16:51PM
7 UFCs ( one time was sitting right behind Amber Miller ) & 1 Prides Real Deal!!!!Prides production is fuckin insane live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Definitely worth checking out!!!
2/11/07 8:09:33PM
UFC 63 in Anaheim.

went to see GSP take Hughes' belt but I had to wait to see it another time!

i was disgusted that BJ didn't win but ce la vie!

my next will be UFC 70 in Manchester.

pity I don't live in the states! (lucky bastards!!!)
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