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3/6/11 9:04:34PM
Ok I don't mean to sound like a stuck up know it all but there is nothing worse then sitting at a live event and the moron just behind thinks you he knows what hes talking about. Case in point I had a guy last night at the Strikeforce show who was kind enough to point out Anderson Silva.....No actually it was Mike Kyle (my wife could tell it wasn't Anderson) He says Fedor is on the other side of the cage.....They showed every celeb in the building but for some reason never showed Fedor. He also pointed out that the blond sitting beside Randy Couture was his wife and she is a fighter as well. Big Foot walked right infront of us then about an hour later they show him on the screen, another 15 min later he says oh I know who that was with the little girl it was big foot. I just don't understand why people feel the need to open thier mouth when they have no clue. Same stuff happend in NJ for the Fedor fight but it wasn't near as bad.

To be honest the crowd last night was a throw back to about 2 1/2 3 years ago everytime the fight went to the ground they would boo they were screaming "Dirty" stuff to the lady fighters things I can't say here. I can't tell you how many times I heard someone scream I paid money to watch this? Like they are owed anything. MY only complaint about that card was the crowd oh and the $9.25 beers. Ok Rant over just wondered if any of you had this happen to you before?
3/6/11 11:15:49PM
I've been to quite a few live events and really one instance comes to mind. It happened at a USA-MMA show last August in Baton Rouge where I used to live. Ricco Rodriguez was headlining the fight against Jon Juarez I believe. Me and my girlfriend had some really great seats in the bleachers and everything was perfect except for the 3 sluts behind us. One of them kept mentioning how she knew Ricco so well and that her and Ricco were going to a justin beeber concert or whatever the hell his name is. She kept calling him "my man" or some dumb **** like that. Anyway, she wouldn't shut up for the whole 3 hours or so and that was really annoying. My girlfriend made a good point to me though. If she was really "involved" with Ricco, why wasn't she cageside with the other fighters girlfriends and wives?

It's very annoying to attend a live event and get "that guy" or in my case, "that girl." I guess the best thing to do is just accept it as part of the culture associated with mma these days. I've had other instances where I was around more educated fans and had a blast.

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