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7/18/08 6:41:54PM

Affliction BANNED weigh in results are happening right now. Check it out.
7/18/08 6:59:55PM
Please post any videos!

Did Levens not make weight? Does Affliction have the same weight classes as the UFC?
7/18/08 7:03:15PM
There aren't any. Yet. There is no online coverage ANYWHERE.
Of note:
No weights for Buenetello vs. Aleksander listed.
Justin Levens missed weight. If they give him time he needs to cut 3 pounds (came in at 189).

Now Junkie is saying Paul & Aleks didn't even weigh-in. No comments yet from anyone as to why.
7/18/08 7:36:48PM
If Aleks doesnt fight, that would suck

EDIT; yea Aleks isnt fighting
7/18/08 8:03:04PM
yup, i just came back and aleks and buentello didn't weigh in.. i knew some crap like this would happen. i'll upload some crappy footage of fedor-sylvia from my phone soon
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