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11/16/12 3:17:33PM
ok so Im looking at a buying a used truck for short money its got 191,966 miles and thats my problem its a 2002 DODGE RAM 1500 no accidents or major repairs the only drawback is its been around anyone had a similir truck. I like it its cheap but id like it to last for awhile not crap out within a year
11/16/12 3:21:24PM
they are really not bad trucks. As long as you maintain it everything will be fine. That means going to the mechanic every X amount of miles and making sure there isn't a problem.

Most big problems are caused by compounding wear and tear over a period of time.

My brother has a dodge and its still going strong after 5 years of HEAVY use. It guzzles gas though
11/16/12 3:28:16PM
200k miles is a lot, and no matter how good the reports are is going to be a gamble. I'd expect to have to put a new tranny on it after another 50k
11/16/12 3:32:03PM
Not a good deal......get a car that has a payment plan.....what you save on maintenance you will pay monthly but at least it is dependable and comes with a warranty.
11/16/12 3:43:18PM
Payment plans are a double edged sword depending on how much money your actually paying for the vehicle and for how long.

If I were personally in your shoes I'd go with a 12-15k vehicle with less then 100k miles. Used though. I'd try to pay as much as I could whenever I'm able that way to pay it off as fast as possible.

I've never used a payment plan though to buy a car because imo they are ripoffs. I've had 3 cars and paid for them all with cash

$5000-2001 Chevy s10
$7500- 2005 Chrysler Sebring tsi
$8000- 2004 Saturn Vue
11/16/12 4:00:00PM
My Dad has a Saturn Vue. Nifty little car
11/16/12 4:01:50PM
That's a lot of miles, I would probably pass.

What I would do, if you haven't already, is take it to your mechanic, or one that someone knows, and have them look it over, if the owner is willing to do that. Before you make a final choice.

11/16/12 4:42:37PM

Posted by jakewalters

My Dad has a Saturn Vue. Nifty little car

It is pretty nifty. It's a standard and i swear its impossible to run out of gas with that thing

@ buffalodave

I agree
11/17/12 12:31:27AM
First of all, how much is the asking price? Second of all, you have to consider all the following.

1. Gas mileage - Can I afford to own this thing? Are you willing to loose 100 dollars a week in gas money?
2. Reliability
3. Usage - What is the primary purpose for purchasing this vehicle? Do you really need a full size truck?
4. Prior owner(s) - people who own these trucks tend to do heavy driving as part of their work.

If you are still opened to options, then I recommend smaller trucks e.g.Toyota Tacoma or the smaller American made trucks. And if you simply want it because of the rugged look, then I guess nobody can change your mind. Sometimes we just have to have something no matter what the consequences are. I just paid over $200 on a Lamiglas fishing rod. Having the more expensive pole will not catch me more fish but hey - I'm now fishing with least that's what their tag line says. Good luck.
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