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9/22/09 9:17:06PM
incase you didn't know, I'm 17. and today I saved a life. it was my dads. he's a disabled war vet from the first gulf war. retired/disabled field artillery. disabled from a stroke suffered from side effects of expiremental drugs tested on soldiers during the war.

my family and I were all sitting at the dinner table. eating dinner and having a conversation. my mom and I were talking to my dad. I made a joke, he made a snarky remark back with a mouthful of food. ate a little more started to laugh, sucked in, and stopped laughing... he then started to make a gesture towards his back so my mother and i started to slap it trying to unlodge whatever was stuck. he still wasn't breathing and then made a strange gurgling sound. without hesitation I immediately jumped to my feet and started administering the hemlich maneuver. after 3 thrusts he threw up and was fine. but my mom was crying. she told me she was proud of me after we made sure he was ok and she calmed down.
9/22/09 9:32:58PM
scary stuff. hope hes okay.

good job
9/22/09 9:47:50PM
Props buddy! Way to go!
9/22/09 11:04:43PM
If it was a hard or course food you should still moniter his airway for swelling. If he starts to get a sore throat or feels like he's not getting enough air he needs to be seen asap. That usually happens within an hour or two after the incident though, so if that tie has passed you're probably in the clear.

Nice work bro. That's a whole different kind of emotion when you go though an event like that.
9/22/09 11:15:25PM
good job
9/22/09 11:22:13PM
Nice work my friend
9/23/09 8:38:23AM
Very nice. Glad he's okay. Like it was stated before, you may want to get him in to see a doctor, just to be safe.
9/23/09 5:04:31PM
day after the event. he's fine. he's not complaining about a sore throat or any trouble breathing.

my mom emailed my old health teacher and my principal. she thanked my health teacher for teaching a usful skill and let him know about the incedent. my principal apparently called my mom and asked if it was ok to forward it along to some teachers within the school. she said ok. he forwarded it to EVERY teacher in the school. and the schoolboard president has inveted us to the next board meeting to be acknowledged along with my old health teacher. I feel like its just good "practice" for when I graduate because I plan to become a proffesional firefighter/emt.
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