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12/26/08 7:21:30AM
Okami is a huge fav. over Lister. My question is it worth it to throw real money down on Lister at such huge odds or is it a waste of my money? Is it realistic to think okami could get caught in a sub because thats how lister will have to win this..
12/26/08 10:50:05AM
I don't know man i'm staying away from the betting on this fight. Dean could catch Okami but remember Okami has never been submitted in his entire career.
12/26/08 11:47:11AM
Dean Lister is one of my favorite fighters but I dont see him winning this fight. Okami has better hands, he's insanley strong, and he has never been submitted. I wouldnt touch this fight.
12/26/08 11:48:33AM
To be successful betting real money you need to find inaccurate lines and take advantage of them. It is also important to consistently bet on dogs. This way you're risking a little to win a lot, and have a better chance at hitting it big. I rarely like to place bets that don't at least pay back even money.

In my opinion +290 for Lister is fairly accurate with most betting sites like Bodog having lines ranging from -250 to -300. I would stay away from this one.
12/26/08 12:34:02PM
okami by easy ud
12/26/08 1:34:45PM
Dean Lister - by Submission (Okamis first)
12/26/08 2:03:45PM
Lister hashorrible cardio from what i've seen, and generally atrocious stand-up....

Okami is a big middleweight, pretty wrestling/control, good sub defense, and good cardio....

i think okami will impose his will on lister, outstrike him...lister will exhaust himself trying to work a takedown...with Okami taking him out in the third with a tko or taking a unan decision.....

like wolfy said.... this line is about is high and justifiably so.... about the only betting i do is here on the playground, but i know enough to recognize a good line when i see it (i told everyone i could think of to get on that toquinho vs salaverry line)....their isn't much to make me think lister would be a good value for you....
12/27/08 1:40:24AM
I tookliste because lister looks like he has been working really hard looks like he is in shape and he is GREAT at submissions- HOWEVER OKAMI is one of the most POWERFUL of the asian fighters and one of the few who have seen imprssive results in the UFC... Probably changing to Okami.... UD
12/27/08 6:25:23AM
Okami has double jointed arms. He wont ever be submitted with an armbar. The only way to sub him is with a choke, and even then he would not tap as he is a crazy Japanese samurai. Okami by UD is what I have.
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