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POLL: Do you think Mike Swick will bounce back and have an exciting fight his next time out?
Yes 82% (42)
No 18% (9)
1/27/08 3:28:11PM
I listened to Mike Swicks post-fight interview on UFC.com, and I must admit I feel a little sorry for the guy. He was really mad at himself for his poor performance, and he really didn't make any excuses about why it was so poor. He just said he wanted a win since his last bout was a loss and he knew not letting Burkman take him down could be the key to the fight. The reason for feeling sorry for him is because I've heard alot of grumbling about how boring the fight was and Swick is getting some real good pounding in some of these posts on this messegeboard and others. Anyone else feel sorry for the kid? It was his first Main event and I'm guarnteeing it was just nerves. I bet his next fight will be totally different.
1/27/08 3:32:49PM
I dunno, I dont really like fighters apologizing for boring fights.

Id rather hear Sherk say that the fans should take a beer break or whatever when he fights than have to listen to a guy apologizing and having us feel sorry for him.
I cant stand booing though.
1/27/08 3:40:09PM
they were 2 in the cage that night, so i don't think Swick can receive more than 50% of the blame for the boring fight.
Burkman was doing nothing either and he was gassing in the middle of the fight witch indicate a poor preparation.

1/27/08 3:44:13PM
I got to agree I hate the booing at events.
1/27/08 6:25:28PM
I found the fight boring but not to the point where I would boo it. I thought Swick displayed some of the best takedown defense I have ever seen. Defense is an underrated part of MMA and when you get to witness it on a high level like that its kind of neat to see.

I enjoyed it enough to watch the whole thing and feel good about Swick walking away with a win.
1/27/08 7:55:25PM
i think swick will put an exciting fight together his next time around. the problem against burkman was that he was looking to defend the takedown at all times, the only other big time wrestlers at ww are fitch and kos who are his teammates. i think if he fought a guy like diego or karo he would let his hands go more.
1/27/08 8:13:12PM
A good fight would be Swick and Cummo, or Johnson. There are more great wrestlers in Swick's new home, and he must be prepared for them now.
1/27/08 9:00:33PM
Swick will be fine, so will Burkman. Both guys have put on great performances in the past, and will in the near future. This fight was a let down because both of them were known for putting on a good show, and for some reason this time they didn't. I expect both guys to come back with a strong bounce back fight.
1/28/08 11:43:58AM
no dout the guy let out on the line burkman was no willing to extange,,, and if he did he prob would of KOd swick,,, but what can u do ,,,, thats MMA,,, not every fight can be a banger
1/28/08 12:18:32PM
i happen to like swick a lot and if you look at some of his highlight vids you can see that he is a really great and explosive fighter, i really think that he will put together an exciting fight the next time around
1/31/08 11:43:17AM
I thought that Swick won the fight by split decision, it was a very entertaining fight for me, Burkman is improving more and more everytime we see him, Swick's next opponent should be someone like Kelly, Davis, Chonan, Loser of Alves/Karo or Loser of Kos/Hazlett, maybe even winner of Lytle/Bradley
2/1/08 7:48:41AM
One thing I don't like is when fighters who constantly argue and say how much they hate each other hug after a fight and become best friends. However, I don't mind when someone apologizes to the fans when they have a "boring" fight. The fans are there to see knockouts or close constantly exciting matches but what most of them fail to realize is these guys are fighting for their career and if they don't continue to win Dana will drop them and let's face it most fighters won't work a desk job. So they have to be smart about these matches and not just go into them swinging in hopes of making the fans happy. Going into that fight I wasn't a big fan of Swick but after watching his very humble and respectful post fight interview I have gained a lot of respect for him and will cheer him in the future.
2/1/08 1:54:57PM
I actually thought that Swick/Burkman was a good fight. I guess I'm in the minority.
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