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4/28/08 10:19:34PM
So a viewer wrote in something I totally agreed with, he said that it was horrible having Kimbo Slice vs James Thompson as the Main Event and Elite XC should show respect to Robbie Lawler and Scott Smith in a Title Fight.

What are your thoughts

4/28/08 10:23:55PM
Eh, more than half of the people watching it would turn it off before the main event if that were the case. That may be a ratings killer. Love him or hate him, Kimbo is the only reason exc is on network television and they have to build up the hype even more to continue putting on these shows. Scott Smith and Lawler are good and have very nice striking, but in reality they are guys who did not quite cut it in the UFC.
4/28/08 11:05:51PM
I totally agree. I've said it before...I don't have a problem with Kimbo, but rather the way Gary Shaw promotes him. (1) I think a main event should be a competitive fight and not a gimme match. (2) A title match should be the main event over a non-title match. You can say what you want about Dana, but Lesnar took a back seat to Sylvia/Nog...and Chuck/Wandy was a matchup of a lifetime, but still didn't override the title fight that night.
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