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4/15/10 8:35:30PM
Its Epic!
4/15/10 9:35:30PM
"Brittney Silva"

Every time I listen to or read another one of this guy's interviews I like him more and more.
4/16/10 3:46:19AM
4/16/10 3:01:05PM
4/19/10 8:22:00AM
I've fallen 'straight up' in love with chael attitude. he is great. haha.
4/20/10 1:13:08AM
Really funny interview. Love Chaels attitude. I have a felling he will sell this fight and Silva wont have time do dance around in this one. When Silva does dance around to a decision in his fights i really do think a lot of it has to do with his attitude toward the guys he is given to fight. I feel Silva is making a statement toward the UFC because he wants better competition at 185 and if these last three guys the UFC has given Silva is all they got then he is not going to give the UFC what the want and that is a exciting fight. Silva needs someone who can push him so Silva can get into the fight with some counter punching. Like chael said he wont be hard to find. I have a feeling if he can use his wrestling and watch the clinch of Silva then he has a really good chance of winning a decision. I'm pulling for chael but when it comes to making the picks and getting the points i got to go with Silva.
4/20/10 1:39:17AM
LOL Chael really dropped the heat in this one. I don't know how Silva won't be ready to kick his ass.

I have been saying for years now that Silva has a little bit of a prima donna attitude and I'm glad the MMA world is finally starting to realize this.

That being said I think Silva will punch Sonnen's lights out.
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