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8/31/09 12:28:23PM
1. I am the youngest of five Siblings, I have two Brothers and Two Sisters.

2. The Tip of my Right Index finger was cut of in an unfortunate high school locker accident.

3. I get Rick Rolled at least once a day.

4. 18 and still cant grow a beard.

5. I Love Animals ( mostly Cats and Dogs, cus they're more chill).

6. I eat Breakfast Cereal all day everyday.

7. Im a loyal and happy follower of Christ.

8. I use to 'Hate' GSP because he was Canadian (hahaha sorry) but now he is my all time favorite fighter!

9. I have a strange tattoo on my stomach.

10. My Dad is in Prison for Cracking Safe's.

11. I was Born January 1st 1991 in Lansing Michigan, and was the 5th Baby born that year.

12. I have never met my real Grandfathers.
8/31/09 1:04:07PM
If I can even think of 12...
1-IMy facial hair been slowly going gray/white since I was roughly 25, if not younger (I'm in my early 30s now).

2-My right thumb is double-jointed.

3-My most secret vice is Slim Jims. Especially Super Slims.

4-I once drank Dr. Pepper through my nose as a kid.

5-I can tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi in a blind test.

6-I consider myself a devout Christian although I don't act like it.

7-I can still remember the first match I ever saw in WCW-Jushin Liger vs. Flyin' Brian (RIP Brian Pillman).

8-I've probably finished more video games in my life than you've even played.

9-I was a champion speller in school.

10-I once tried walking home from summer camp at roughly 5 years old. And made it halfway before being busted. Seriously. (Yeah, they nearly had to put out an APB, I heard)

11-I'm a pretty good comedian.

12-I've practically memorized the first 3 Star Wars films (episodes 4-6).
8/31/09 1:04:43PM
1.) i have grey hair on my beard and im only 18

2.)i went to an all black school

3.)i love sushi but hate fish

4.)i popped a condom on my balls once (after seeing the 40yr old virgin i wanted to try)

5.)youngest person on Rhino fight team

6.)i always use to pick any one who had the underdog bonus on them

7.) dad went to to jail for front kicking an unmarked Police car

8.)i hate southpaws( im a Southpaw)

9.) im atheist

10.) i take the wrong train at least twice a week and i also get off at the wrong stop at least twice a week

11.)i still play pokemon while im in the bathroom

12.)when i was 5 i stabbed barney in the butt with a fork
8/31/09 1:21:52PM
1.) I was hit by a car while pedaling my bike home from a Summer weight-lifting program prior to my Freshman year in high school.

2.) I won a state championship in English Composition and had a 3rd place finish in Mathematics for my 6th grade Academic Team.

3.) I despise Chinese food.

4.) I once sat next to Dave Parker (former Major League Baseball player/MVP) while on a plane to Las Vegas.

5.) I work in the mental health field.

6.) I have a wiener dog named Newman.

7.) I'm a recovering hippy. I followed the jamband scene for roughly 7 or 8 years until Phish "retired" for a 2nd time (they've since returned...again). After I swore that genre of music off, I discovered the blues (mainly Delta blues) and have been throughly enjoying it ever since. I still love me some Grateful Dead, though. Always will.

8.) I absolutely DESPISE science fiction movies.

9.) I'm left-handed. Hate me!

10.) I was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea. I found out that, on average, I stopped breathing 101.3 times per hour. I was prescribed a CPAP ("aka" breathing machine) and have slept like a champ since the 1st night I used it.

11.) I witnessed a buddy's stepdad get murdered. A car hit him while he was walking on the side of the road. It was later confirmed that his stepdad had been working undercover for the FBI as a member of a motorcycle gang and that his death was an ordered hit by the gang.

12.) I've never broken a bone.
8/31/09 1:36:13PM
1- I was never baptized, nor do i believe in god/religion

2- I have a 3.7 GPA

3- I eat kiwis with the skin

4- I drink around 10 to 15 bottles of water a day

5- I was born in Australia from a Quebecer mother and an Irish father

6- I use to weigh 230lbs, now down to a svelte 168

7- I listen to Wham!'s "wake me up before you go-go" video on youtube almost every morning, makes me smile haha

8- Iv'e played football for 7 years ( defensive end=1st year, right guard=2nd year, 3rd, 4th ,5th, 6th and 7th year = fullback ) and participated in 7 all star games.

9- Ive been smoking pot since i was 10 years old, i'm now 22 ( thanks to my cousin )

10- Ive never been able to stop biting my nails

11- I don't really enjoy desert

12- I can't go anywhere without my iPod.
8/31/09 1:38:40PM
1. My name is Brooks

2. I'm a southpaw

3. My favorite food is fried Chicken

4. I have my last name tatood across the top of my back

5. My favorite movie is Sin City

6. I once drove to Chicago and watched the Jerry Springer Show live

7. I was the fall homecoming escort my junior year in high school

8. I have a beautiful 7 year old daughter that just started the 2nd grade

9. I placed third in my third grade spelling bee competition

10. I made several all star teams in baseball growing up

11. I won a poster contest in the third grade through Toledo Edison about saving energy. My poster had the earth with a clock on it that read, "it's time to save energy, thank you for your time"

12. I hate peanut butter
8/31/09 1:52:40PM
1. I am allergic to Nuts

2. I have never gotten into a fight in my life

3. I was voted Most Attractive in my High School

4. I am a huge San Francisco Giants fan and try to go to every home game

5. I sometimes watch the Disney Channel because it's awesome haha

6. I hate the taste of alcohol

7. I once pinched a nerve while taking a crap

8. I am actually a fan of Floyd Mayweather (we are hard to find)

9. I have witnessed a man suiciding by jumping out of his window

10. My GPA in high school was about a 2.1

11. I once had crazy goldfish that would jump out of the bowl (they all died)

12. I hate spiders
8/31/09 1:54:57PM
1. I have a Bachelors degree in politics and media, despite not knowing anything about it.

2. I played soccer for my school team for 6 years, and played 3 years for other teams without ever scoring a goal.

3. Ive read all of the Harry Potter books 3 times, and the Twilight books twice

4. I dont believe in Religion at all.

5. I only shower twice a week.

6. I love "urban exploring"

7. I wish I was born in America. The whole schooling system just seems so much better and more fun, paticularly the sports teams.

8. Im a Newcastle United fan, Ive had a season ticket since I was 14.

9. Ive seen every episode of Prison Break, The O.C, One Tree Hill, Friends, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Two and a Half Men, The Ultimate Fighter and Battlestar.

10. Ive never used a condom.

11. If I drink any more than the equivelent of four pints of larger, I have a hangover which lasts the entire next day until I go to bed. I still do it at least once a week though.

12. I have a criminal record. Got it playing golf. We where playing to a building at my school, and kept hitting balls over it by mistake. We didnt realise till we went to collect them that about 15 had went through windows of buildings on the other side. I turned myself in, offered to pay for the repairs and explained it was totally unintentional, but I got arrested anyway. It sucked.
8/31/09 2:06:18PM
1. Im Handsome.
2. 24 and cant grow a beard.
3. I know everything about professional wrestling......... EVERYTHING!
4. I live in the basement of my moms house.
5. I want to become a commentator for NHL, Baseball, wrestling or MMA.
6. Im very good and quick at math.
7. I read extremely quickly.
8. Im a born again Christrian.
9. Im hung like a lightswitch.
10. I love the combination of Cheese and peanut butter.
11. Im a big video game player but suck badly.
12. I LOVE NEW YORK!!!! The Actress not the City.
8/31/09 2:13:29PM
1) I have a pretty strong pimphand

2) I'm a Redskins fan (No comments from the gallery please or said pimphand will be flexed)

3) I'm a Caps fan (Read comment above)

4) I love reading.

5) I have 3 kids. A stepdaughter 24 and in Med school. A daughter 9 who is my pride and joy and my son who is 17 and at times I want to kill. But all in all he is pretty cool kid.

6) My wife is a detective.

7) I have been stabbed.

8) Been to prison.

9) I use to hang around some bad, bad people.

10) Haven't touched drugs in 22 years

11) Loce classic rock

12) I have a small penis (I'm white, so sue me)
8/31/09 2:14:24PM
1) I am 21 years old and enable to grow ANY facial hair

2) I have broken 3 bones in my life (hand twice)( wrist once)(and my nose five times) lol

3) I am a purple belt in BJJ under Robbie craddock

4) I fought for a year and a half and have a 7-0 reacord

5) I no long fight cause i have severe nerve damage to my right hand :(

6) I hated cats when i was younger cause they ate all the cat food. lol

7) My parents had to put pad locks on the fridge cause i put chocolate syrup and mustard on the cat lol

8) I am currently living in tampa

9) I am 745 in the world on the UFC game

10) I am addicted to DIET green tea

11) I have no religous belives

12) I have a byesexual girlfriend of 3 years(its fun)
8/31/09 2:43:03PM
Here is a baker's dozen. I could probably list more.

1. I have never smoked anything (EVER!) in my life. Not even a single drag. I never will either.

2. I hate losing more than I like winning.

3. My wife is Korean, married 6 years, and we have a wonderful son 15 months old.

4. I am pretty impatient with incompetence and am afraid that it will turn me into a cranky old man one day.

5. I would give my life to save that of a loved one.

6. I am a very honest person and strive to be up front with people even if it hurts their feelings. I don't believe in wasting peoples' time and emotions on lies. The closest of friends should be able to express the things that they don't like about each other and still be the closest of friends.

7. My personal hero is Terry Fox

8. I have an affinity for languages. I just wish I had the time and brain power to learn all the languages I want to learn. However, by definition I am monolingual, however, I do know quite a bit of German and Korean (can read Korean too) and a little Japanese.

9. I used to have a huge collection of Star Wars toys up until a few years ago (I'm 32). Now I just have a few high end items for display.

10. When I went surfing in Portugal two summers ago, that was the first time I ever swam in the ocean. However, I have been swimming in freshwater lakes practically since birth.

11. I have a PhD in molecular genetics and have been published 3 times (working on a fourth).

12. I don't like the way my teeth look when I smile. Speaking of teeth, I only had one filling until I was 30 years old.

13. I don't like speaking on the telephone. I prefer to talk face to face.
8/31/09 2:54:56PM
1. I have played guitar for thirteen years.

2. I am obsessed with horror movies.

3. At the age of four I lodged a Cheeto all the way up my nose and had to make a trip to the hospital for it's removal.

4. I am a hypochondriac.

5. I love all three major sports teams here in Pittsburgh.

6. My favorite television shows are House and True Blood.

7. I have a painted portrait of Slash that hangs in my bedroom.

8. I eat at Panera Bread three times a week.

9. I can't dance, not even a little bit.

10. I'm twenty five and look like I am fourteen.

11. I collect football and hockey cards.

12. I'm twenty five and own the Ducktales season one and two DVD box sets.
8/31/09 3:16:12PM
13 - I have read ever single post on this thread haha
8/31/09 3:19:32PM
1.) I'm double jointed everywhere. When I was little I couldn't walk downhill because my knees bent both ways. Now that I'm older I can still bend my fingers backwards so they lay flat on the back of my hand.

2.) I'm named after Gordie Howe and the Stanley Cup.

3,) I once started a company to get out of community service.

4.) I'm terrified of heights.

5.) I've never broken a bone

6.) I was a scratch golfer when I was a teenager and taught junior golf clinics.

7.) I paid for my food in college by making and selling fake bus passes and tickets.

8.) I still enjoy a good bath from time to time instead of a shower.

9.) I have absolutely no tattoos or Piercings or plans to ever get either.

10.) I haven't been in a fight since public school.

11.) I have an unhealthy addiction to video games.

12.) I'm the driver you all hate, and it gives me pleasure watching people get angry around me.
8/31/09 3:20:46PM
1. I don't watch sports (besides MMA)

2. I love classic video games (modern games not so much)

3. I have been to over 40 US States

4. I have a gift for coming up with nicknames for others, but have never had one myself

5. I have lost count of how many concussions I've had in my lifetime

6. I am addicted to sushi

7. I have been on both ESPN and Nickelodeon before

8. I am a foot taller than my wife

9. I still watch Saved By the Bell on occasion

10. In high school, my wrestling team had a move named after me

11. I once cut caffeine out of my diet for a year...with the exception of small amounts of chocolate and tea

12. I can keep a secret better than anyone I know, have known, or probably will ever know
8/31/09 3:29:26PM
1. i have a birthmark on my head identical to my brothers (bald spots)

2. i graduated high school when i was a junior

3. I will be moving and living on my own in 2 weeks

4. I have fought at tuff-n-uff this year and met frank mir (my opponents cornerman), kevin randleman and steve mazzagati

5. My iq is 142

6. I can speak around 4 languages, english, russian, georgian and a bit of spanish

7. im unsure of religion, but i would call myself a deist.

8. i can't grow a full beard for the life of me (im 21 in october)

9. my goal is to travel and sight see most of western europe and parts of asia before im 25

10. i really, really, like nutella hazelnut spread

11. im lactose intolerant and can't eat any dairy products :/

12. my proudest moment in a street fight is when some dude tried to punch me and i sidestepped it and punched his arm, resulting in a broken arm for him
8/31/09 3:42:17PM
1.I dont like chocolate.
2.Im 22 and have had a beard for 4.5 years and its more of a curse than a blessing haha.
3.I have done more drugs than some people cant even imagine.(clean for over 3 years)
4.I have a 2 year old daughter
5.I have 2 Labrador retrievers, a st Bernard, and 2 other dogs now
6.I went from 176lbs to 247lbs back down to 211lbs back up to 259lbs and back down to 235lbs all in a year and a half time due to unemployment
7.I drink a 30pk or more a week.
8.I have NEVER NEVER NEVER had a hangover in my life and it is great.
9.I have owned 7 automobiles. A Honda Civic coupe, 2 Honda Civic hatchbacks, a Nissan 200sx, a Nissan sentra, a Ford Explorer and a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo
10.I have a step sister who owns a $1.5M house in florida she bought after graduating from medical school
11.I have been robbed at gunpoint.
12.I have a wife who has a clear proficiency for spending money she doesn't have or earn.
8/31/09 5:05:58PM

Posted by mkiv9secsupra
12.I have a wife.

I fixed it for you, that last part was just redundant
8/31/09 5:20:25PM
1. I've banged enough big-tittied blondes that the prospect doesn't excite me like it did previously. I've turned my attention to more exotic fruits and have only Indian (dots, not feathers) and a midget to scratch off my list.
2. I hate shaving. For those prior posters complaining about not being able to grow facial hair; it's not all it's cracked up to be.
3. I think "political correctness" is f'n gay and a complete waste of everyone's time. Especially mine.
4. I love watching freak-show porn. The kind that still makes you feel dirty a month later. Not for arousal reasons, mind you, but for the "train-wreck, can't look away" depravity of it all.
5. Until my daughter was 10, I had her convinced I was a pirate.
6. I have been bitten by the following animals: cat, dog, horse, squirrel, snake, turtle, llama, pelican, and bearded water-dragon. I have been rammed by a sheep and had a horse roll over me.
7. I live a very simple life. I don't aspire for possessions and couldn't give a damn about the "Jones'" or what they get suckered into purchasing.
8. I am an avid reader. My favorite authors are Tim Dorsey and Clive Barker. I mourned the day Stephen King died.
9. I have played drums for almost 18 years and listen to a wide variety of music.
10. I despise watching the news, mainly because it's all bad news. Secondly because despite all the technology, weather forecasters still don't know d*ck.
11. I HATE, f***ing HATE baseball. It has to be the sloooooowest, most boring game ever and is remniscient of the dept of transportation: 8 guys standing around watching 1 guy do all the work. I would rather watch pee-wee hockey than a pro baseball game.
12. Eh, I'm bored now.
8/31/09 5:32:04PM
13.I know the history behind the term: SH1T
8/31/09 6:16:03PM
unlike everyone else i can grow facial hair
8/31/09 6:17:21PM

I mourned the day Stephen King died.

Have I ever got good news for you!
8/31/09 6:51:54PM
The growing theme amongst posters including myself seems to be our abilities to grow or our lack of ability to grow facial hair. lol pretty funny.
8/31/09 8:11:28PM

Posted by FlashyG

1.) I'm double jointed everywhere. When I was little I couldn't walk downhill because my knees bent both ways. Now that I'm older I can still bend my fingers backwards so they lay flat on the back of my hand.

thats horrible!

it actually took me a minute to realize something was being bent...
8/31/09 8:16:30PM
1: I can shuffle cards like the best dealers on t.v.
2: I like the majority of the people on this site can't grow a beard.
3: I'm currently studding towards my masters in Audio Technology.
4: I love learning new things and I'm a self confessed geek.
5: I'v broke my nose 8 times and refused surgery on it 5.
6: I lost my virginity in a theme park.
7: I had 3 amateur boxing fights winning my first 2 and losing the 3rd.
8: I have played with my old band at a festival.
9: When I was 8 i had meningitis and died twice, I'm cool now though.
10: I love steak!
11: I'v never smoked a thing and don't intend to.
12: My pop was in the British jiu jitsu team and toured the world doing it.
8/31/09 8:33:53PM
1. I like football more than MMA
2. I am a football assistant coach.
3. I was a Christian youth pastor for almost 5 years.
4. I never finished my 4 year degree at a secular college, but graduated from bible college early.
5. Favorite food is pepperoni pineapple pizza
6. I still hold my high schools Bench and Squat records.
7. I have been engaged twice but never married
8. I am ( according to my freshman baseball coach ) the only person in the universe to throw a no-hitter while giving up 6 runs. I walked 6 , beaned 4, and there were some errors
9. I was once dumped by the same chick twice in 24 hours.
10. I look (and am mostly) Italian thanks to an affair my paternal grandmother had , that she told the man who should have been my paternal grandfather about ,on his death bed. If you ever saw my bio-dad and his siblings in a room together it should have been obvious that they didn't have the same set of parents.
11. I don't drink or do any type of drugs -ever-and haven't for a long time
12. I was arrested , or questioned by the police 5 times( pre Jesus coming into my life) before I was 22, but have never been tried or convicted of anything as an adult.
13. I hate typing- I type maybe 30 words a minute, with 4 fingers only, and have to look at the keyboard the whole time . I usually give the screen a quick glance and fix any mistakes I notice, but I am fairly certain I lead the world in typos.
EDIT,- after reading the thread I just thought I would add that I could grow a full beard when I was 14. Those of you who can't should be grateful. Shaving is a pain in the butt
8/31/09 9:30:17PM
#1 I have 3 daughters ages 8,4,1 and love them more than they may ever know

#2 My wife is my high school girlfriend and has every thing you look for

#3 I never eat healthy but should

#4 I almost died 3 times in my life(had a seatbelt come undone on the tower of doom at six flags 220 ft high

#5 I guess I will add I can GROW hair on my face like no other look at my profile I have more hair on my face than my head

#6 slowly becoming more and more OCD about some stange sh!t

#7 I eat fast food too much at least once a day

#8 once beat the **** out of my dad for grabing me by my neck he must have forgot I came in 3rd as a state wreslter as a sophmore before I retired to play basketball well ride the bench

#9 found out I make more money than one of my bosses sucks for him

#10 own my house

#11 I watch malcom in the middle every night before I go to sleep

#12 have 3 dogs Weenie(the weener dog),Wookie(shih tzu), and Fedor(Rottie German shepard mix) 1 cat named bubbles
8/31/09 10:00:45PM

Posted by three_days_of_grey
I have been rammed by a sheep and had a horse roll over me.

I have some advice for you. Never date a ram that is a power top, and always make sure you never spoon with a horse because they tend to roll over on you.
8/31/09 10:36:47PM
1- I can grow a beard, and do on regular occasions. I usually let it grow out until it gets mangy, then I shave it off, rinse, and repeat. This cycle usually takes 3 or 4 weeks to go through.

2- I boxed in smokers when I was in the Army. I knocked a dude who outweighed me by 40 lbs out in probably 2 or 3 seconds, even though we were wearing 16 oz gloves. It felt great.

3- I hate emo kids. HATE them with an uncontrollable passion. I am currently nursing a hairline hand fracture that correlates directly with this hate. I seriously think my distaste for emos is a danger to the people around me.

4- I love America with every fiber of my being. I've killed and nearly been killed for my country more times than I care to remember. I could go on to cure cancer, save a million lives, and make a billion dollars, but when I'm laying on my death bed I know for a fact that even if I did those things the thing I will always be most proud of is the fact that I went to war for my country.

5- I would step in front of a bullet for anyone who has ever worn the uniform with honor. Unless they're a REMF who has and never will see combat, but will tell "war stories" to everyone they meet. In that case, I will openly cajole them.

6- Failure is not an option for me. I take pride in everything I do, even if I don't seem like I do.

7- I'm more interested in women I can't have than women I can have. You're probably thinking you're the same way, but I openly seek rejection. If a girl rejects me 10 times, I enjoy it even more. I get more pleasure from rejection than I do from sex. It's disturbing, I know.

8- I used to love video games, but now I can hardly play them. Except for gears of war 2 with my buddies. I can drink beer and play that game all day with friends.

9- I do not have a mathematically proficient mind. I despise math in nearly all of its forms. The more exponents and functions you throw into an equation, the more angry I become. Despite this, I'm currently in Collegiate level Calculus and Organic Chemistry. I want to shoot myself in the head every day during class.

10- Like most of you probably feel, I'm wishing the things I'm doing today I had done 10 years ago.

11- I love MMA, but school and the need to "catch up" after serving away the majority of my twenties has kept me out of the gym lately. I am embarrassed by this fact, even though there's nothing to be ashamed of.

12- In combat when life and death were on the line, I've laughed in dangerous situations where other people pissed their pants, but yet I was too scared to ride the rides on top of the stratosphere in Vegas. I'm nothing but a big ***** when it comes to heights and roller coasters

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