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4/9/09 4:32:24AM
I dont want to wait till sunday! Props for whoever finds one
4/9/09 5:06:12AM
MMACore normally have it on, but a bit a later on in the day. Thats were I watch it.

I notice im playing you in The Grand Prix, didnt you beat me last time?

If you beat me again ill have to deduct points off you in The Fantasy UFC 2009 game LOL.
4/9/09 6:43:56AM
Be like me and pay $1.99 now to download it from iTunes. Much better video quality too. Otherwise, check later on.
4/9/09 9:57:09AM
Crap. I was thinking it was on tonight, for some reason.
4/9/09 11:49:31AM
Well last season, heres what they did. They would Air it on wednesday, then thursday and saturday night.

But its not on this thursday, its like 1,000 ways to die.

It is on this saturday though like at 11 am and then like sunday at like 1 in the morning. Because they are re-airing GSP/Penn 2.
4/9/09 12:56:33PM
You can watch it at MMA-Core, but not only is the quality crap, but it's divided into 3 parts.

I've uploaded the episode in full, probably take a few minutes to download, but much better quality.

Ultimate Fighter Season 9 Episode 2
4/9/09 1:27:16PM
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