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9/30/11 2:45:20PM
The Lingerie Football League is going to be showing games on MTV2 this season and my friend Melissa is the starting RB for the Green Bay Chill who are going to be playing tonight. I've seen women's "pro" football before since Melissa and my friend Angie both play, and it's pretty bad, plus at least 90% of the women are lesbians so there's not a lot of lookers out there. I'm hoping this will be better than what I've seen before at their "pro" games, and apparently there are mostly straight girls in this league so at least there will be eye candy. I thought it was pretty cool when we were hanging out last week and Melissa got a text and said, "I've got to call Gilbert back," and I was like "Gilbert who?" and she said "Gilbert Brown." I knew he was her coach, but it didn't come immediately to mind. He was a big star for the Packers in the 90's, and even had his own sandwich at the Burger Kings up here. Anywho, I'll be going up to GB tonight to catch the game, I'll try to have good/funny/horrible story about it tomorrow. I'll leave you guys with this; if any of you have been to the "dollar bar"(strip club) and have gone with a chick you know how much attention they bring from the dancers. If you go with a lesbian or two your chances of going home with a dancer, and maybe chlamydia, improve greatly.
9/30/11 3:36:53PM
Gilbert Brown, the originator of the "grave digger"
9/30/11 3:50:02PM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Gilbert Brown, the originator of the "grave digger"

Gilbert was a beast.

Thanks for hooking us up with the info CowCatcher. I'm a Packers guy so I will have to check out the Chill.
9/30/11 6:23:00PM
I played in a indoor flag football league this past spring, and the new Minnesota Valkyri team would practice on the field right next to us. As far as skill set went, they were terrible. Looks wise, they were smokin! It was always nice to have eye candy just a few yards away.
10/2/11 1:17:50AM
I sat front row for a Seattle Mist game against the Los Angeles team a year or two ago, they were selling the tickets at a Rumble on the Ridge MMA event I was at, and those chicks are tough. I was expecting some weak tackles and taking it easy on each other but it's legit hard hitting football and injuries. Those chicks take it very seriously.
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