Who Next in line for the MW titleshot?

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POLL: Fighters
Yushin Okami 74% (31)
Patrick Cote if he wins his next fight 14% (6)
Rich Franklin 2% (1)
Micheal Bisping 7% (3)
Martin Kammpan 2% (1)
6/10/08 9:48:59PM
Who do you think is most deserving?
6/10/08 9:52:23PM
should be Okami, but with all the talk about possible silva vs Chuck, and Almeida/Cote winner in line for title shot, dont know if he'll end up getting the next shot.
6/10/08 11:01:37PM
okami, okami, okami, okami people need to get that through their heads. if he isnt next in line for a title shot that is some big BS.
6/10/08 11:05:15PM
it should be okami. silva has beaten everyone else. plus okami has beaten anderson before. if the ufc marketed that fight right, then they could make a lot of money.
6/10/08 11:57:09PM
who has okami beaten in the ufc latly that mekes him deserve it. and he dint beat anderson anderson beat anderson i say its cote if he wins
6/11/08 12:43:38AM
6/11/08 1:00:06AM
yeah I wouldn't minde Cote he has looked good as of late but so has everyone else till the met Silva

I thought Okami but maybe he need to fight Hendo or someone before maybe rematch Franklin because he did almost pull off that upset at the end of that fight

UFC was pushin that whole Okami is sooo strong thing for awhile but seems like they have layed off him

ahhhhhh what about Okami vs Marquart
6/11/08 9:27:15AM
Okami deserves his shot, even if everyone doubts him. I would however really like to see Bisbing go up against Silva really soon. You all can bash Bisbing all you want, but I would rather see him get his face knee'd in.
6/11/08 9:32:49AM
How can anyone argue against Okami??? He was winning their 1st fight before the illegal upkick, and has the perfect style to beat Anderson. Cote/Almeida would need 1 more fight before deserving a shot imho. Hope it isnt Chuck Anderson ffs!
6/11/08 11:18:04AM

Posted by CornishMMA

How can anyone argue against Okami???

6/11/08 12:43:13PM
Okami is on a two fight winning streak at the moment and only lost to Rich Franklin in the UFC. He's beat Belcher, Starnes, Singer, Swick (Who was on a 5 fight win streak at the time), MacDonald, and Tanner. Not necessarily the who's who of fighters, but he did soundly defeat them.
Personally, I would like to see him fight Dan Henderson, or another top contender or at least a top 10 guy in the UFC's 185 class (Marquardt, maybe Leites, perhaps Bisping) before he gets a title shot.

HOWEVER, if the winner of the Côté/Almeida match is getting a title shot, I think it is definately unfair for Okami. It would make more sense to see Okami instead of Almeida for the #1 contender instead.

Is this for sure the winner of this matchup going to get a title shot against Silva? Or is Okami fighting for the title, and then the Cote/Almeida winner will fight for the title after that?

6/11/08 12:56:52PM

Posted by vince25

it should be okami. silva has beaten everyone else. plus okami has beaten anderson before. if the ufc marketed that fight right, then they could make a lot of money.

Okami didn't beat anderson becasue he was better, he beat him because anderson threw an up-kick and ko'd okami, so okami ended up winning by DQ
6/11/08 3:24:27PM
Go Okami Go! I hope he beats anderson silva
6/11/08 3:46:32PM
I think that Okami and Bisbing should fight and the winner get his shot.
6/11/08 6:47:28PM
I think Okami should get the next shot. Bisping and Cote are both at least one fight away from a shot, and it's too soon for Franklin or Hendo to rematch Silva. I would like to see Bisping vs Cote and Franklin vs Hendo though, which would clear up the rankings a little bit and possibly establish the next contender after Okami.
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