Who is next in line for Anderson Silva at 185?

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10/26/08 10:41:53PM
So who do you think should fight Andy Silva next? Should Cote get a rematch?

I think if Yushin Okami wins his next fight, he should get next title shot...The chances that will happen, probably slim to none because I don't think the UFC wants a guy like Okami to be a possible title holder, same reason Lyoto hasn't gotten his title shot yet...
10/26/08 10:57:32PM
nobody, he should move up while they straighten out that division.
10/26/08 11:02:25PM
I am going to say
1.Rematch with Cote if possible anytime soon.
2. If okami beats lister, silva fights okami
3. Thales Leites.
10/26/08 11:05:15PM
the UFC needs to grab some more talent at middleweight. Henderson is obviously the biggest threat to Anderson's belt but he won't get another shot for a while if he beats Franklin and does TUF 9. i think the UFC really needs to invest in landing some top middleweights like Gegard Mousasi, Ronaldo "Jacare" de Souza, and Robbie Lawler. even landing just one of those guys would add some much needed depth and create match ups that would truly determine a #1 contender.
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