Has Lindland found a home?

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2/19/08 8:43:02AM

According to Denis Kang in an article by The Fight Network, the word making the rounds is that former UFC middleweight Matt Lindland is on the verge of signing with Japanese-based promotion DREAM, a collaboration between FEG and former staff members of PRIDE.

All I have to say is that would be one sick ass tourney!
2/19/08 8:57:45AM
I hope Dream is legit and land all of the big names that keep getting thrown around. I cant wait to see more Lindland fights. I saw Manhoef on the list too, NICE!!

CroCop/Manhoef is a dream match for me. I would have to assume that Cmill wouldn't mind seeing it either.
2/19/08 9:05:38AM
This is great news if it comes to fruition, Dana has seriously missed out on not signing Lindland, he is and always will be a top 5 MW guy
2/19/08 11:35:30AM
wow dream is gettin some names, hopefull it is legit and last but with their ighters dont see y it cant stay in the game.
2/19/08 1:56:10PM
well i believe with all these good fighters signing with dreams it can become the new pride. and if "pride" fighters dont suceed in ufc i wont be suprised to see them go theree.
2/19/08 5:12:59PM
He would make a great addition to their GP.

Him, Kang, possibly Zelg, Manhoef, Akiyama etc.
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