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1/20/07 1:54:56PM
He says he's crazy and this proves it. Lindland is a great middlewight, One of my Pound for pound best fighters, he did frustrate Rampage, but he's nuts if he thinks he could beat Fedor. Coleman couldn't take Fedor down until Fedor got bored and decided to submit him. I'll be shocked if Lindland last 5 minutes. Unless Lindland finally takes his cue from Coutre and Tanner to get bigger, sronger, leaner, 5 minutes might be generous. I know he has little to lose (besides the fight). He'll get payed a lot , if he loses it's to the world's best, and he always has the I'm fighting out of my weight class thing.However, what does Fedor get out of this? When he wins people will say he should have.I guess just money and a chance to fight in front of his Russian fans. I wonder if they test for performance enhancing drugs in Russia? That's the only way hell be able to put on more than5- 8lbs of muscle in 2 or 3 months.
1/20/07 7:43:01PM
whatever happens in russia, stays in russia
1/22/07 12:18:18PM
not a good match they should find someone else.
fador is the man
1/22/07 12:36:01PM
I don't understand why Fedor would refuse a fight with Monson then accept one with Lindland, but hell, WAR LINDLAND.

That's what you call manning up.
1/22/07 1:04:46PM
Lindland will take on anyone anytime and this just proves it. Nothing is impossible but his chances against Fedor aren't great.
1/23/07 12:08:39AM
Lindland got over powered by 'Rampage' Jackson in their fight something tells me that fedor will be stronger that him. If Lindland can keep him down he may have a chance but his GnP skills are not strong enough to knock out fedor plus fedor is too smart to get stuck in a submission. Fedor by KO
1/23/07 3:45:39PM
Lindland loves to battle. He will be having fun in there ... at least for a little while :)

Then Fedor will have his fun!
2/5/07 7:24:27PM
There's no way that Lindland can win.
10/3/07 12:34:00AM
"I don't understand why Fedor would refuse a fight with Monson then accept one with Lindland, but hell, WAR LINDLAND."

Fedor is fighting in the Sambo world tournament this month, no fights until then. He'd take Monson, Lindland, hell fight is Couture and I think he should wait.
10/3/07 1:00:15AM
wtf are you people talking about Fedor already whooped Lindland's ass like 4 months ago

edit: oh, I see, original post was in january. wtf this thread being opened for then
10/3/07 10:38:51AM
Because this dude though the fight was going tho happen, not had already happened. I dont think he saw the dates. Any f-ing ways, fedor may have lost had he not grabbed the ropes. That would have been ******* awsome. WAR ROSE CITY FIGHTERS!
10/3/07 10:50:38AM
I'm going to start trolling old posts and then respondng like the subject matter hasn't happened yet I got so confused when I saw this post.
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