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2/13/07 6:57:13PM
Lindland's nuts, but has giantic testes IMO

Tuesday, February 13, 2007 -
BodogFight announced today that the bout between the #1 ranked heavyweight fighter in the world, Fedor Emelianenko, and the #1 ranked middleweight, Matt Lindland, is set to take place on Saturday, April 14 from the ICE Palace in St. Petersburg, Russia. Though the bout was previously announced, the date had still been unspecified prior to today.

Lindland told MMAWeekly about a month ago, “Yes, I am crazy. That’s why I got into this sport, but I don't make a habit of taking fights I don't feel I can win,” when asked why he would move up to heavyweight to challenge Fedor.

“I want to fight the best guys out there. I always have,” he continued. “I appreciate Bodog for giving me the opportunity to fight the best. Some promoters just want to promote their guys and are afraid to sign the best because they may beat their guys, so I found a promotion that believes in me and my abilities.”

The fight with Fedor is the first of a 3-fight deal that Lindland signed with Bodog. Interestingly, all three fights are slated to be heavyweight bouts according to him.

The undercard of the “BodogFight: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Matt Lindland, Clash of the Nations" pay-per-view is set to also include Aleksander Emelianenko facing off with American Eric Pele, as well as the winners of the “BodogFight: St. Petersburg” reality series.

Aleksander and Fedor fighting on the same event is a first for the top ten Emelianenko brothers. While his brother is entrenched at #1, Aleksander is currently ranked as the #8 heavyweight in the world by

“BodogFight: Fedor Emelianenko vs. Matt Lindland, Clash of the Nations" is scheduled to air in the United States on an 8-hour tape delay from Russia on April 14, 2007 at 9:00 pm EST. The pay-per-view is currently set to air on InDemand, but other outlets may be added in the near future.
2/13/07 7:00:25PM
I think alot of people are going to be surprized at how well Lindland does. If Matt comes in with a solid gamplean he could pull of a huge upset via a lay n' pray decision, but it's doubtful...
2/13/07 7:30:58PM
Lindland will show his hatred of Sambo Practioners.
2/13/07 7:33:47PM
No disrespect to Lindland but i think he is overrated. Watch him get embarrassed in russia. Fedor by KO 40 seconds into round 1 if this fight happens.
2/13/07 8:21:57PM
War Lindland! I hope he wins but I'll say Fedor via decision.

No bias here...
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2/13/07 8:58:18PM
How much weight can Lindland realisticly put on. His Middleweight fight with horn he came in at 175 almost a welterweight.

Fedors gonna seriously outweigh and outpower him, and with wrestling so dependent on strength i don't see Lindland putting in a good showing.

This will be almost embarresing to watch.
2/13/07 10:13:30PM
Fedor by murder
2/14/07 6:06:39AM
I have no doubt Fedor will for Lindland, love him or hate him, we all have to respect him for taking his fight.
2/14/07 9:53:49AM
Lindland is the man...Fedor is going to crush him probably, but Lindland has balls the size of basketballs if he is taking this fight. My hat is off to him.
2/14/07 11:30:21AM

Posted by jay98107

Fedor by murder

Posted by waylon_o

[...]Lindland has balls the size of basketballs if he is taking this fight. My hat is off to him.

2/14/07 7:02:17PM
I have all the respect in the world for Matt Linland...but come's Fedor. Sorry Matt.
2/15/07 9:10:42PM
How much weight can Lindland realisticly put on. His Middleweight fight with horn he came in at 175 almost a welterweight.

I heard somewhere that he was going to come in weighing about 205-210 (I am blanking on the source right now). I'm concerned that it will slow him down quite a bit but maybe not. Lets hope for a great fight.
3/25/07 2:30:57PM
Holy Dead thread revival batman!

Does anyone think Lindland can take this bout. I just watched a grappling match between Lindland and Werdum, and Lindland got beat really easily from the bottom. IMO Fedor's subs are just as good as Werdums and his GnP is the best in the business. Anyways heres a link to Werdum/Lindland fight, I think it may give some insight to how Fedor will do link
3/25/07 3:04:20PM
i cant see MATT being able to mount much offence in this fight...
he can work g'n'p but doesent have any real finishing power and IMO i dont think he's going to be good enough to do any damage to FEDOR
3/25/07 3:07:13PM
i think this is going to be a closer fight than you all believe it will be.

3/25/07 4:09:07PM
I also take Fedor by murder, but yes, hats off to Lindland.

Honestly though, does anyone other then MMAWeekly consider Matt Lindland to be the #1 Middleweight in the world? I think Silva, Hendo, Filho, Kang, maybe even Ace are all better.
3/28/07 7:36:31PM
i thought he was crazy when he took on rampage who was just a big ass light heavyweight

now he moved up to heavyweight to fight

he is the law though, ya never know he could go to decision or even do some get strategy work and pull up a monster upset.

i hope the best for lindland
3/29/07 12:33:08AM
i see a repeat of Lindland/Terrell....Fedor by murder 20 seconds in....
3/29/07 12:36:31AM

Posted by jay98107

Fedor by murder


What he said
3/29/07 12:50:25AM
I think, and hope, Lindland surprises a lot of you. The world will be impressed by a decision, but I say this only because I think his only chance is to stay active. Fedor will prob'ly finish in the 1st. Therefore I think as long as Lindland doesn't lnp it (and maybe even if he does) it's a big victory to go to decision. Other than CC or Nog who in recent history could hang that long w.E. Fedor? Very few, but II think matt stands a chance. And if he looks as good as Hunt did... How can Fedor still be #1. He HAS to decimate. Has to. CC decimated Wandy. Now it's Fedor's turn to humiliate a smaller guy.
3/29/07 1:23:06AM
in all fairness to the hunt fight, fedor was fighting with a broken foot prior and he was completely calm even in the kimura.
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