If Lindland vs. Belfort happens, it won’t be for WAMMA title

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8/3/08 5:12:13AM
If a bout between Matt Lindland and Vitor Belfort is signed for Affliction’s second-ever show on Oct. 11 and it’s for a title, it won’t be for the yet-to-be institute WAMMA middleweight title belt.

After reading a report on FiveOuncesOfPain.com that cited a Belfort interview with the Brazilian website Tatame.com that quoted Belfort as saying the matchup would be for a belt, WAMMA CEO Mike Lynch contacted us to issue a statement. While WAMMA believes that the potential matchup is intriguing, it doesn’t consider it one worthy of determining an undisputed champion at 185 lbs.

“There has been a lot of speculation that an upcoming proposed match-up between Matt Lindland and Vitor Belfort will be for a WAMMA title,” said Lynch in an e-mail to Five Ounces of Pain. “To be sure, Matt and Vitor are two of the very best fighters in MMA today. Lindland is currently ranked seven in our middleweight rankings and Belfort is a former UFC champion who is bound to excite fans everywhere with his explosive style. If this fight happens, it would be an incredible match up. It certainly rises to the level of a must-see fight and would be the highlight of any fight card.

8/3/08 11:05:24AM
i don't see why not, who else do they have besides lil nog
with 50% pay cuts and all i do see some fighters jumping ship before it sinks
i hope arlovski wins then comes back to the ufc
8/3/08 11:36:12AM
they are saying 185, not 205 that is what lil nog is.
8/4/08 8:36:29AM
Both these fighters are signed and are not going anywhere. Affliction need the draw of fighting for the title when they try to sign higher ranked 185 pounders. It's a good carrot to get someone to sign who might hesitate if they were not offered an immediate title shot.
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