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6/20/08 3:42:49PM
I'm thinking if they both win there upcoming fights on the Affliction card they should fight. If so who takes it?

I got Belfort by TKO
6/20/08 3:43:29PM
I've got Lindland by brutal GnP.
6/20/08 3:44:51PM
I like Lindland. I don't think Belfort is the same beast as he once was considered, and Lindland is just better at more things.
6/20/08 4:00:35PM
This could potentially be Linland's last fight if he wins he bid for political office in Nov.
6/20/08 4:21:52PM
We know that linland will bring it- prob his las fight? i Hope not... anyway what Belfort will show up?? who knows? I doubt he can beat linland unless he has had a real awakenning....
6/20/08 5:03:42PM
Lindland by decision.
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