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6/27/09 1:04:28PM
The Limp Bizkit concert scheduled for UFC 100 weekend at the Mandalay Bay Beach in Las Vegas, Nevada, on Friday, July 10, has been cancelled, according to

No reason was provided for the scratch; however, the “rap-metal pioneers” have not performed a concert in North America in more than eight years and were re-uniting this year for its “Unicorns N’ Rainbows” tour.

6/27/09 1:22:36PM
6/27/09 1:29:02PM
DAMN!! i had plans to go to this. so who's all going to UFC 100?
6/27/09 3:21:28PM
That's great news, I mean who actually wants to see a bunch of near 40 year olds run around like teenagers with no musical ability.
6/27/09 4:23:01PM
i might be in the minority but i'm disappointed. i just pulled this straight off limp's website. they have a different side of the story:


Posted by IGA on 6/27/2009

Facts- Limp Bizkit did NOT, in any way, cancel the UFC100 concert in Las Vegas. Truth is UFC and Interscope records could not come to an agreement on certain DVD rights. With all respect to Mandalay Bay, The UFC were also unhappy with LB's decision of wanting to switch the performance from the Beach at Mandalay Bay with its inappropriate layout for a heavy rock concert with Limp Bizkit, basically a stage in front of a pool, to a more standard concert venue also located at the mandalay Bay which was the House Of Blues. The UFC expressed they wanted a "party vibe" for this event and would not settle for any venue besides the Beach for this and other reasons. First, LB would like to confirm we are HUGE UFC fans and will always be, but feel it is unfair for UFC to falsely confirm and advertise that Limp Bizkit will be performing to only change their minds after many people have rearranged their lives and bought tickets to be in Vegas for this special concert. On that note we are proud to announce that we will still be performing on the same night out of respect for our fans. The details of when and where will follow shortly after this post. Again, all respect to UFC for inviting us in the first place. We will continue to support the UFC because it is our favorite MMA event. Stay tuned.

Limp Bizkit
6/27/09 4:25:55PM
limp bizkit didnt cancel the show. the UFC did. apparently bizkit thought performing in the house of blues would be more appropriate for a rock show and UFC was adamant about it being held at the beach (a night club with a pool in front of the stage). both venues are located at the mandalay so im not sure why its such a big issue that ufc would cancel it.

a blog posted on limp bizkits site explains the situation. they still plan to do a show on that date. bizkit fans rejoice!(but please no gay stuff)


EDIT xphycorx beat me by about 2 minutes
6/27/09 9:24:11PM
glad i didn't buy tickets
6/27/09 10:45:36PM
Maybe they should get a top 10 band, it is the UFC after all.
6/27/09 10:47:01PM
Ha! clicking the link to the Limp bizkit explanation made me find out that Borland's actually back in the band, i was such a huge fan when i was about 14 it's not even funny, like HUGE.
Everyone can hate all they want, 3 Dollar Bill, Yall$ was still kickass
6/28/09 3:02:08PM
im not a fan, but their response was about as professional and level-headed as it could have been, i didnt expect that at all. for me the weekend is about the fights though so, meh.
6/29/09 1:10:38AM
this is a good thing. that band is full of no talent hacks
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