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7/15/07 5:31:55PM
is there a limit to how many team camps you can join?
7/15/07 7:15:37PM
you can join only 1 team .

you must leave a team to join an other.

7/15/07 7:17:31PM
Yes -- 1. But you can leave a camp you've joined at anytime, so it isn't like you get one shot to find the camp that fits you.
7/15/07 7:36:02PM
alright thanks fo the help!

ohh 1 more question

im prolly gonna get ragged on for this, and maybe should just look around more to figure this out..but...

whats the whole purpose of camps?
7/15/07 11:05:01PM
to win with people who has something in commun.

like us in CANADIAN TOP TEAM we are all canadian .

91 member , 5th in heavyweight div. and going up !!!

if you are from canada you can request an invite to the home page .

7/15/07 11:12:14PM
naw im american/jap.....ill start a jap. club haha!!..any one got any good names for that?
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