With limbless opponent unavailable, Strikeforce's Lawler settles for Amagov

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1/5/12 5:54:29AM
LAS VEGAS – With veteran slugger Robbie Lawler (18-8 MMA, 2-4 SF) struggling through a 2-4 stretch in his past six fights – a run largely contested against grappling-first opponents – you might think he'd welcome a bout with a fellow slugger as a sort of dream matchup.

Not the case.

While Lawler is complimentary of his "Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine" opponent, Adlan Amagov (9-1-1 MMA, 2-0 SF), he said it's not an ideal booking. No, the perfect opponent would actually be a lot more defenseless.

"I would rather fight someone with no arms and no legs," Lawler jokingly told MMAjunkie.com (www.mmajunkie.com). "That would probably be the best matchup for me.

"I would look amazing."

1/5/12 6:04:22AM
It's true. He'd absolutely demolish Kyle Maynard.
1/5/12 7:46:30AM

Posted by Kpro

It's true. He'd absolutely demolish Kyle Maynard.

Nah brah, no way! Maynard shifts his weight better than anyone in the game! He will lay and pray the hell out of Ruthless! Plus the bone density of those congenitally deformed stumps is outrageous! (I am totally kidding, and I know I am going to hell)

You don't have to be a fan of MMA, boxing, or sports in general to see this is a joke. It is good, self depricating humor. I can see people spinning this comment though. "MMA Fighter wants to beat up handicapped people".

I hope I am wrong!
1/5/12 7:57:41AM
I'll take the torso over Lawler by UD via lay & pray.
1/5/12 8:53:52AM
Amagov for the upset!

1/5/12 8:55:36AM

Posted by emfleek

Amagov for the upset!

Seconded! Chael, Lawler is maybe who you were thinking of being on the decline. Dude has been less than impressive for as long as I can remember, and I don't see that changing.
1/5/12 12:54:42PM
His devastating power is impressive. Most of Lawler's losses as of late are grapplers, and Lawler's grappling game hasn't evolved with the times. Just how it is. But from what I've read Amagov likes to stand and bang, so Lawler might not have to worry. As for the joke, I've already noticed some fans taking it too seriously. What I took from the joke is the ideal opponent for him would be someone with no limbs, meaning they couldn't grapple with him, making light of his recent losses to opponents who outgrappled him. Nothing more.
1/5/12 5:09:53PM
I just dont get Lawler.

His ground game has been his weakness since he first started fighting in the UFC.

How can you be a professional fighter and not work on such a glaring weakness??

Still, always a fan.

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