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1/6/09 12:03:08PM
Not sure if anyone cares, but Lil Wayne (who is a huge sports fanatic) is on ESPN First Take today debating Skip Bayless on 1 and 10. The replay is on right now on the east coast at least. I love Lil Wayne, so I'm happy about it.
1/6/09 1:14:34PM
he looks like a bigger version of midget mac
1/6/09 2:04:07PM

Posted by cowcatcher

he looks like a bigger version of midget mac

I think you nailed it

1/6/09 5:31:35PM
All insults aside, I'd appreciate keeping Lil Wayne away from my sports, thank you very much. I saw a thing on ESPN that said he was going to be on, and said to myself, "Good thing I'm going to school today..."
1/6/09 6:59:50PM
Play nice kiddos
1/6/09 8:14:49PM

I don't see the resemblance.

And from what I saw today, I'm assuming that they have to pay their editors lots of overtime pay when they work on Wayne's ESPN The Mag blog.

He just didn't really add much to the show. I know he's a bright guy and all (I love most of his music), but I just don't think that's his type of thing. Let's just say that he's not the best at thinking on his feet.

Anyway, did anybody else catch Skip's "Your Tha Carter II album is your Purple Rain" comment. I was like and
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