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9/8/09 1:06:21PM
Its another story from the Sun, but they where first to report Semtex stepping up to replace Swick so mabeys this artice is credible aswell. Also mentions Hughes vs Swick could be an option if Dan or Nog Decline the fight.

9/8/09 1:11:01PM
well Dan did say if he wasn't going to get Anderson right away he'd want to fight a top guy at 205, and with Anderson out for the rest of the year i wouldn't be surprised if this were true. i'd love to see this fight
9/8/09 1:17:55PM
True. Plus its a chance to avenge a loss. Id take it as the main event for sure.
9/8/09 1:25:49PM
I'd love to see this fight.

Anyone else notice the Sun has Bisping taking on Dennis Siver according to that article.

Either Bisping is dropping a lot of weight, or the Sun has never heard of Kang.

9/8/09 1:40:31PM
UFC confirmed today that Bisping is facing Liu Kang. Or maybe Siver would've moved up?
9/8/09 2:14:42PM
Oh man, that's awesome for us but not so good for Lil Nog. A lot of people don't know him and will not care if he lost to Dan, he should be given at least 1 fight before fighting a top 5 LHW. Start with Matt Hammil, or even Thiago Silva just not Dan Henderson. So many good fighters get screwed like this....I think they did Dennis Kang right by hooking him up to fight Alan Belcher, it's his fault he lost, they should do Lil Nog right as well.
9/8/09 4:19:34PM
Rogerio already finished hendo faster than it took anderson . I dont see how this is " screwing " rogerio .

Great rematch , will take lil nog by sub again .
9/8/09 5:33:22PM
nice main event, on free tv none the less. hendo is clicking right now and I think he exacts revenge, I think this is a bigger fight for rogerio though, and he holds the mental edge having subbed him before
9/8/09 6:38:18PM
Lil' Nog really dominated their first fight and he dwarfed Hendo. I'd still like to see a rematch, no matter what it'll be exciting.
9/8/09 8:23:07PM
i would like to see that rematch, at 205 hendo is just to small
but either that or hughes vs swick i would be glad to see as a main event
9/8/09 8:35:54PM
I'll take either of these fights as a main event. Actually, I was hoping for this eventual rematch when I heard they signed Lil' Nog, I just didn't think it would be this soon.

Also, Swick vs. Hughes would be a good fight for both guys. If Swick wins he get a title shot. If Hughes wins he gets himself back in the mix and fighting top guys. For the record, I got Swick via 2nd round TKO.

Either way, the UFC pulls another quality main event out of its ass just when you think there's nobody left. Joe Silva, you are the ******* man.
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