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5/26/08 12:37:10PM
As to the lightweight title fight on june 1st I've been keeping up with Pulver and he really seems to have a fire in him that i havent seen in many years! I'm putting my money on Lil Evil ! Knockout in the 1st round!
5/26/08 12:51:33PM
i got Lil Evil although im not sure how. i think he will just be too much for urijah....but urijah will be back
5/26/08 1:07:58PM
Gotta go with Uriah. I say that because I've only seen about 10 seconds worth of 145 fighting out of Pulver. His wrestling will probablt be very solid and will win the standup with speed.

I say Faber wins by knees, high pace, rapid transitions, and meanness.

I see very little chance of Faber being put to sleep(or nearly) while standing and Jens can't sub him short of an RNC or something. Long night. at least 3 rounds imo.
5/26/08 1:39:50PM
im going with faber. he is too dynamic and has too much in his aresal for pulver to handle. i think jens give him a fight and it will be tough to finish him but he will be on his back for most of the fight. i think faber wears him down with his pace and puts him away late.
5/26/08 2:53:46PM
Even though I think Jens has faced tougher competition in his career than Faber has I still think Faber will take this without much difficulty. I think the ref is going to have to stop it in the 2nd RD.
5/26/08 3:14:23PM
I want to pick Jens to win by tko, but i'll prolly end up picks faber because the people i have been wanting to win havent been winning.
5/26/08 3:43:50PM
i am torn on this simply because i javent seen much outta jens that shows he can take faber.
5/26/08 4:21:41PM
Faber. His performance against Jeff Curran showed just how hard it can be to truly put him away.
5/26/08 7:32:15PM
At 145 its all Pulver
5/26/08 10:28:02PM
im going back and fourth about this one:

i have pulver due to experience and he has harder fighters to fight

to be honest faber hasnt had any test in his division, maybe Curran thats about it

Pulver 2 rd TkO
5/26/08 10:34:31PM
california kid round 2 tko
5/27/08 2:29:34AM

Posted by DCRage

Faber. His performance against Jeff Curran showed just how hard it can be to truly put him away.

But Curran doesn't have the stand up pedegree that Jens does, i see what you're saying though.. I just want Jens to KO him in the first, but won't mind if it any round subsequent to that... hell i just can't wait period as im attending this fight in person
5/27/08 2:36:22AM
For anybody "going back and forth" or picking Pulver; He is a more than 2 to 1 underdog on betting sites. Solid play!
5/27/08 7:21:39AM
At the point that both fighters are in their careers, definitely without question this one will go to Faber.
5/27/08 2:10:11PM
i want lil evil to win by brutal ko but i have faber picked to win. it will be rnc probably in the 2nd
5/27/08 6:31:53PM
I really really want Jens to win and I think he can but this is going to be close. Hopefully he can make a comeback.

Pulver TKO rd 2.
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