UFC likely returning to Columbus in early 2008

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10/8/07 7:47:43AM
For the third time in less than 12 months, the state of Ohio will likely host an Ultimate Fighting Championship event.

According to industry insiders, the UFC already has begun preparations for a March 1 show in Columbus.

10/8/07 9:41:01AM
YYYEEAAA !!!!!!!!!

The UFC has been showing Ohio some love this year.

Having it the same weekend and same location as the Arnold Classic is good marketing too.....

Plus Ohio being over by the eastcoast it attracts so many people that are within a few hundred miles of Ohio to make a trip to watch a UFC event live.

Great news for me this Monday morning..
10/9/07 3:08:04AM
yeah I went to the arnald and the hw title fight it was a great weekend! Drove from hr east of pittsburgh!
10/9/07 6:16:00PM
Hell yeah.I'm hoping we get some MMA merchandise shops soon too!
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