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11/20/07 8:50:28PM
My fight camp Jaxallout is the number 6 ranked team (only two of us ) yet we are looking for 3 - 5 more teamates to jump up a weight class . For the start of Season 3 Sudden Death.

Here are some quick team stats. We hold a 99 - 40 record with 71% including an avg bankroll of $3004 for Season 2 Undisputed . Not to mention some excellent season 1 stats. We only competed in 10 combined events (7 for me and 3 for my partner). None the less we still had a record of 65 - 32 with a 67% not sure of the avg.bankroll due to the old scholl betting (which was better imo). Our carerr stats 154 - 72 inculding a 69% career winning perct.

So if your looking to join a solid team shoot me a pm and I will check you out. If it looks like you are a good canidate. I will invite you to join our camp promptly. Here is what we are looking fo.r A minimum of 64% career win rate and at leas 12 fantasy picks I do understand a bad event here and there we all get them . Rember we are only looking for 3 - 5 new members. Please respond quickly as will I. Also included is the link to our team rankings this year.
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