Q&A with UFC lightweight Spencer "The King" Fisher

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11/6/07 5:52:23PM
Miletich Martial Arts fighter Spencer Fisher heads into UFC 78 in Newark, N.J. Nov. 17 to take on undefeated lightweight Frankie Edgar. Fisher endured a setback in his climb up the lightweight ladder when he lost via TKO to Hermes Franca at the beginning of this year, but the Iowan came back strong in June to avenge a loss to Sam Stout at UFC Fight Night 10.

11/6/07 6:14:44PM
interesting interview !!

he seem ready and not over confident so, i am happy with my fisher RD 2 ko !!!

11/6/07 7:30:46PM
Me thinks that Mr. Fischer might be a bit worried. When I read his comment about not wanting Edgar to turn it into a boring wrestling match...it made me think that he knows if it goes to the floor he cant get up, sweep, or sub him. I thnk he tried to take a jab at Frankie so he keeps it standing where Spencer is most comfortable. Just a thought, and I think that Fischer came off as a really cool guy and I think he's a really good and entertaining fighter. That just jumped out at me. Hopefully it's a war no matter where this fight ends up.

oh and edgar by SD...great match-up mr silva!!
11/6/07 7:35:02PM
nice fellow. really wanna see him and BJ fight
11/6/07 7:44:55PM
frank edgar is the real deal, fisher could be in trouble. i also got the feeling that spencer is nervous if it turns into a ground fight. oh ya i think bj penn would prolly destroy spencer if they ever fought.
11/6/07 8:12:21PM
Should be a pretty action packed fight. Both fighters really go out there and bring it.
11/7/07 1:41:50AM
Nice classic match-up of wrestler vs boxer here...should be a good sprawl and brawl!!
11/7/07 3:14:51AM
honestly this fight is gonna be fotn for sure. fisher says hes doing a lot of wrestling but i hope hes training a lot off his back. his stand up is awesom as it is so focusing on that would help em take the fight a lot easier. frank on the other hand has good poxing himself and i dont see much lay and pray from him. its always scramble and strike from him. i really like how most of the lightweight devisions grapplers are crazy fast and dont just grind there way through the fight.

fisher by 2nd rnd KO
11/7/07 8:51:37AM
i could see edgar getting a boring lay and pray decision

but i would much rather see a war and i know thats exactly what spencer will bring
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